Meet Chef Erin Simone

Chef Erin Simone will never forget the day she signed up for culinary school.  She was watching someone sing on TV so beautifully, essentially giving it everything they had.  And it was in that moment she knew she could’t go another day denying her true passion in life-cooking.  Truly, it was watching someone else live out their dream that pushed Chef Erin to take that leap of faith.  Two days later she was taking a tour of Le Cordon Bleu in Los Angeles, CA where she eventually graduated with a Culinary Diploma with honors.  Currently working as a personal chef, she absolutely adores what she does as it rarely feels like work.

Chef Erin Simone realized her love for cooking at the age of 13, spending countless hours at the library mesmerized by all of the cookbooks.  She remembers spending numerous afternoons reading them as if they were novels.  Fortunately, her parents let her test out recipes on them.  One of her first meals was fettuccini alfredo served with a romaine and radish salad.  She remembers her sister whispering in her ear, “Mom never makes dishes like these!”  While feeling a bit shy in that moment, she also felt proud knowing she was making something innovative, even if just within the confines of her family.

Chef Meyers is currently based out of Las Vegas, NV but has also worked with high-profile clientele in Los Angeles and San Diego.  While her roots are embedded on the East Coast she has certainly adopted a bit of that West Coast spirit. She believes her food and work mentality exemplify the dichotomous coasts with a humble mix of authenticity, classiness and fearlessness.  Chef Erin Simone takes great pride in her craft and sprinkles a piece of her heart and soul into every dish she creates.  That passionate edge is softened by adding a bit of whimsy and creativity to each dish.  Despite the trite saying, she genuinely believes the way to anyone’s heart is through a beautiful and nourishing meal…especially dessert!

Erin Simone Chef Last Vegas Headshot

Aside from the romantic love shared between two people, I don’t think there is anything more beautiful on this Earth than fresh, organic and alive food.

– Chef Erin Simone

A more fitting, paradoxical quote could not exist to describe the foundation ErinSimoneUncooked was built upon.  ESU is the culmination of sickness and health, trial and error, inspiration and support.  But above anything else it represents perseverance and the fortitude to march forward when wanting to give up.  You see, the greatest change is usually spurred on by our greatest (perceived) defeat.  This comes from banging our head against the wall one too many times in the same manner, expecting the outcome will be different.  That if we just lose weight first or find that perfect partner, our lives will fall into place…I struggled with debilitating IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome for those lucky enough not to know) for years.  It was so bad in college I couldn’t leave my dorm for a month.  I was in pain all of the time and my personal relationships suffered greatly.  This, coupled with chronic arthritic type pain and just a looming sense of sadness and unhappiness, I could never seem to properly move forward in my life.  Why??  Because I was always trying to change the things around me rather than inside of me,  always thinking the inside would change after the outside did.  Through extensive failure,  I undoubtedly understand true wellness is a synergistic blend of plant-based food, spirituality, physical exercise, self-acceptance, gratitude, perseverance and a desire to LIVE.  And by nurturing all of these “ingredients,” I have formulated an ever-changing “recipe” for my life and I want to inspire YOU to do the same!

You might not think eating more fruits and vegetables could change one’s life that dramatically, but I’m telling you, it has and it CAN!”

I am head over heels in LOVE with food and all of the amazing ways to prepare it!  I consider myself a plant-based chef with my forte being vegan/raw vegan cuisine…especially raw vegan DESSERTS!  With the numerous books I have read and videos I have watched, going vegan seemed like the right choice for my health and I must say, it was the BEST decision of my life!

Consuming copious amounts of gorgeous produce and eating desserts that still have the enzymes in tact…it really is a dream come true!  Boundless energy, effortless weightloss, an inner-glow and just an overall more “connected” feeling to the universe are some of the amazing benefits.  There are different levels of veganism as some vegan diets are still heavily processed with soy, refined sugar, etc.  All of my recipes are gluten-free, soy-free, refined-sugar free and vegan.  I have worked for some amazing clients who have allowed me to hone my craft and create the wonderful recipes I am sharing with you.

ErinSimoneUncooked is a play on words.  Yes, it focuses on uncooked foods, but it also showcases who Erin Simone is, in my raw, natural state.  Just like my food, I don’t believe in covering something up.  I find that is done only when something needs to be hidden.  Fresh, organic, healthy food needs no curtain and neither does living a healthy lifestyle.  Whether it be through my pictures of food, a particular recipe or an article on my blog, I sincerely hope ESU inspires you to realize the change comes from within.  And while there is no one-size-fits-all path to healing, it cannot be denied how much food plays an integral part in one’s overall health.  I am so grateful you are here and cannot wait to keep sharing with you!

Love, Chef Erin Simone