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Chef Erin Simone

Erin Simone Uncooked is the culmination of sickness and health, trial and error, inspiration and support. But above anything else it represents perseverance and the fortitude to march forward when wanting to give up. You see, the greatest change is usually spurred upon our greatest (perceived) defeat.

  • Erin is one of the most talented and knowledgeable people I know.  I feel so extremely blessed that I could experience her food and grow close to her beautiful soul.  I am a huge foodie and have traveled the world eating and I still prefer Erin's food over anything and anywhere else! She makes your eyes, heart and stomach smile on a daily basis and anyone would be so lucky to have the opportunity to meet her!

    Alana Arnold, San Diego, CA
    Alana Arnold, San Diego, CA
  • You are beyond amazing Erin and looked after us SO well.  I highly recommend you to anyone.  You are professional, caring and so easy to work with.  Rhys and I love your work.

    Carmen Anuriw, Australia
    Carmen Anuriw, Australia Chelsea Skin Clinic
  • For the past year Erin Simone has worked for us, I can't tell you how happy our lives have been by having her in our kitchen.  She is definitely (and I always say this), a "Gourmet Health Chef," which you don't EVER see. Our lives are much happier and healthier as she has given us more ENERGY through her meals and juices.  Thank you Erin Simone!

    Christal Fuentes, Las Vegas, NV
    Christal Fuentes, Las Vegas, NV The Ladies Coach
  • Thanks SO much for everything you have been AMAZING. That cereal WOW factor!!!!!!

    Ashy Bines,  Gold Coast, Australia
    Ashy Bines, Gold Coast, Australia ABBBC
  • I can’t thank you enough for looking after me during my week in Vegas Erin! Your knowledge and your passion is so obvious and a delight to listen to. Your food is absolutely delicious (none of this bland, boring uninspiring ‘health’ food we hear so much about!) and you inspired me to get back into my kitchen and try some of your recipes. The black rice sushi and vegetable quesadilla were a knock out!

    Nicole Joy, Australia
    Nicole Joy, Australia Nicole Joy Inspire


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